For almost a year, Mark has wholeheartedly immersed himself in this transformative practice, initially as a participant and now as a compassionate guide for others on their own TRE path through Simba’s training program. Throughout his personal voyage, Mark has experienced many significant benefits that have left a profound impact on both his personal and professional life.


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Unveiling the Transformative Power of TRE®: Mark’s Journey To Become A TRE® Provider

Join us for an inspiring interview as Sarah shares her transformative journey at the farm. Immerse yourself in her experience of deepening clarity, nurturing integrity, embracing inner peace, and attracting abundance during her 3-month retreat.

Discover how our holistic approach empowered Sarah to unlock personal, emotional, and professional freedom. Tune in and be inspired by her remarkable story.



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Unveiling the Miraculous: Sarah’s Farm Retreat Journey to Clarity, Peace & Abundance

Today I sit down with Tanja, who has been at our retreat for six weeks working on deep chronic pain from surviving a severe plane crash five years ago. Below you see the plane’s remains; it was a true miracle that she survived, as the pilot passed away immediately. Tanja shares how she has completely changed her relationship with her pain in this interview. In the video below, join in on this incredible journey to hear about Tanja’s experience with us at the farm.


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Retreat Experience – Tanja’s Powerful Chronic Pain Retreat

Annie stayed with us for a months time, during that month she got to experience the full array of somatic healing modalities that we offer at our center. Our work was focused on personal development, and clearing out the past in order to move forwards in life. Hear about Annies Retreat Journey with us here at the farm here.

Annie stayed for one month and had 5 private sessions per week.




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Testimonial Annie – Self Development Retreat

Naomi stayed with us for one month and had multiple private sessions weekly. She originally came to us to work on her recurring headache pains that have affected her life greatly. Pain is a teacher that brings us all on a journey of change, acceptance, and compassion for ourselves and others. The pain we feel can bring us apart from one another, and it can bring us together if we share it and allow it to heal and integrate body-mind. Hear about Naomi’s journey in this video.

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Testimonial Naomi – Chronic Pain Retreat

Working with Sara has been life-changing.

When I came to Living with the spirit I was stressed out, very angry, and sad. I couldn’t understand why and I felt as if everyone was against me. I simply could not sort out my feelings. I had no control over my own well-being, my emotions had taken control over me, and being happy felt so far away. I wanted to leave my job, my friends, and my partner. I felt so misunderstood and miserable. I just wanted to run away from everything.

With an incredible understanding of how emotions work, Sara has guided me so that I now have the tools for emotional freedom. She opened up my world and helped me face my fears. Instead of thinking about everything that is wrong I’m now focusing on what I want my life to be like. The relationships around me are now filled with love and not conflict. If conflicts appear I have the tools how to handle the situation. And I also appreciate what I can learn from my emotions and reactions. And best of all, instead of wasting my energy on frustration, insecurity, and anger, I can now use that energy to become more creative and happy.

Sara is so non-judgmental that I felt totally safe to show all of me; the ugly, the dirt, and the shame. That is one of the most important things with this work, to feel safe about the way I feel, to look at it and not judge it. Instead, be curious and see what it is all about. And Sara sees and has the knowledge of how to guide you in the right direction. Not judging, just asking and challenging you with lots of love.

To have Sara in my ringside corner is the best thing that has happened to me. The work we do together makes me filled with love and inspiration. I feel so much gratitude. For each session with Sara, and every day that I commit to working on myself, I feel how my world expands and I feel free. Instead of looking for the answers around me, Sara has helped me to find the truth inside myself.

As a coach Sara is committed, honest, straightforward, loving, and a true inspiration. Her ability to see things for what they are is beyond. If everyone had Sara in their life we could change the world. If you are truly committed and want to live your life to the fullest, reach out to Sara. She will change your life! Writing this really makes me moved when realizing all the fantastic things that I’m experiencing on this journey.
Love you, Sara!

– Lisa, 2022

Lisa has been doing biweekly private sessions, and an individual practice plus home assignments in between her sessions. 

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Life Changing Transformation – Lisas Journey To Emotional Freedom

Michaela stayed with us for one month and have 5 private sessions per week. Working through anger deeply changed her relationship with herself, her family, and the world. Watch her story of her stay with us in her video testimonial.




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A Journey Through Anger – Michaelas Video Testimonial

Fia joined us for one month to work with a variety of challenges, such as:
– Chronic migraines for 30 years
– Heavy painkillers for 30 years
– 7 Autoimmune conditions
– Broken back, a broken knee, and a broken foot
– Deep trauma and grief

Fia spent 1 month with us and added 1 private session per day to her package.
This is her raw and open testimonial about her experience and stays with us at the farm.


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Chronic Pain Retreat – Fias Amazing Transformation

Watch this powerful testimonial from @energylinda who stayed with us at the farm for a week to come to terms with anxiety, fear, and tiredness. She also felt detached from herself, as well as uncertain and very unhappy.

Linda shares her emotional experience at the farm and about her life-changing results, in only one week.

Keep watching until the end to get the full message about her journey working on herself with us at the farm.

Linda joined us at the farm for a one-week retreat and she also added on a private session package on 10 sessions, where she did 2 private sessions per day for 5 days. Thank you Linda for your trust and your beautiful words, and for helping to share the powers of self-healing.

Watch her amazing story here:

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Linda’s Raw & Emotional Retreat Journey

Mark is being open and honest about his past journey and has chosen to reconnect with his inner self together with Living with the Spirit.

Mark describes how welcoming the community is here at the farm and how the surroundings are great for him to work on his past trauma through detox programs, trauma release exercises, group meditations, and other activities.

We are glad to be part of Mark’s healing journey, and we have faith in him for all of the hard work he has put in to find himself.

Mark has decided to do a full lifestyle transformation and has chosen to join our community full time. Watch his video here:

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Mark’s Journey To Find His True Self