Modern Lifestyle Re-Design

We offer a safe space with holistic healing modalities, personal coaching, and practical experience for you to grow from stress, pain, or trauma.


We are a Holistic Treatment Center on the country side outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

For you who are looking to deepen your journey of personal transformation with heart-felt support from within a living, breathing community. Our clients come to us looking for natural health solutions, personal development, and lifestyle redesign.

We see awareness practices as the main tools for reconnecting to your true self and your loved ones. Grounding for us means, on one level, harmonizing the nervous system, and on the other to clarify our purpose within the ascension process.

The body is its own powerful self-healer, and together with us, you learn how to recover from physical, emotional, and spiritual adversities. We provide a wide selection of holistic methods, coaching programs, and energetic explorations.

At our center, we specialize in detoxification, stress management, trauma release, and pain recovery. We combine proven tools with our intuitive creativity, to guide you through the process of releasing suffering, and overcoming your challenges.



Our different products provide all you need to take your health to the next level. We will guide you through the process of assessing the most important areas of your health that need attention and the practical tools to improve on them.

We offer fully immersive live-in opportunities at our Organic Farm Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as well as tailor-made digital retreat experiences from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to redesign your lifestyle together with us.


Our home and all-inclusive live-in retreat center are specially created for those looking for a nurturing environment on their personal journey of self-discovery. Here we offer heartfelt support to facilitate lifestyle changes and personal growth on your life path. We provide you with a safe space for your transformation and invite you to share our way of life.

We focus on a small number of live-in clients all to make your experience deeppersonal, and with a strong sense of support and familiarity. Whether you are in need of physical, emotionalmental, or spiritual healing, our retreat facilitates this need. Our live-in retreat center provides you with a nurturing space and holistic environment, with non-invasive holistic healing tools, all designed to promote your healing.

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