I was really in a desperate situation after having a motorbike accident and being stuck in a place with no physical therapy. Simba reached out to me after I made a Fb post. We had an initial free online consultation and immediately I felt that he understood what my body needed. He gave me a couple simple exercises to do to help relieve my pain.
We talked about me coming by for a treatment when I was able to make it to Chiang Mai. I never felt any pressure or obligation but instead felt it would be good for me to see him in person.


When the time was right, I stopped by his lovely Living with the Spirit location. I felt immediately welcome. My arm felt so much better after the 1 1/2 hr treatment.Sure, it wasn’t always pleasant when he was working on my shoulder but I knew that he knew what he was doing. After being home for a few weeks, many hours from LwtS, I realised that my body needed more intensive therapy to fully heal. So after more discussion, without feeling any pressure, I decided to come for a week.


It was a GREAT decision. I had such a good time, getting 2 treatments a day, doing a cleanse for 5 days, feeling so supported in my healing process. Sara always made sure that my fasting drink was ready for me.
The staff at the house was so lovely and always full of smiles.
I really enjoyed my week there. I can’t wait to tell more people about it!
Now, after the time, I’m still doing the exercises that were given to me to help regain full movement in my body.
Simba really knows what he’s doing. So does Sara. 5 star recommendation!!


Sarah Cura
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sarah cura testimonial
Injury & Detox Retreat – Read Sarah’s Testimonial

I cannot recommend Simba and Sara enough. Their philosophy, loving approach and knowledge create a wonderful safe space and if you get the chance to stay with them, amazing food, energy and comfortable accommodation! They inspired me to make changes I didn’t even know I wanted to make. Real angels in this world. 


My partner wanted a retreat to kick start some meaningful change after hitting a wall in her (our) development – mentally, physically and spiritually. She researched several places and after speaking to them decided that this was the place to stay for 2 weeks. I went to support her at a time when I didn’t think I could take time away from my other life activities. In 4 short days they changed my life. 


I am a stubborn man. Open to change but it takes a lot to get my guard down and make significant change in my life. I was hoping for it, but still facing blocks that keep me in my usual routine. The initiation was great, the comprehensive induction form not only showed their attention to detail but through the questions showed the scale of what I have not been focusing on.


I agreed to do a detox with Sara and ended up on it for about 6 weeks, 3 months later I am still keeping up most of the habits but with corona and travel it’s not been feasible to keep it up. But I will return to it as soon as I can because it has changed my relationship to my body forever. The enthusiasm, knowledge and comradery behind the detox is what made me progress and keep at it. 


The physical sessions and workshops with Simba were fantastic. He creates an incredibly safe space, underlined by extensive knowledge across multiple practices and a philosophy that allows emotional release and trauma recovery in a powerful way. I’m just sad that I didnt get more sessions with him, but he designed a series of activities that I can do daily to extend my flexibility, mobility and fitness. Wonderful stuff!


Since my partner and I have also come back and done his cupping and deep tissue massage course, which were great! I’ve always wanted to learn and in a short time I feel more confident than ever before to deliver both with powerful results. Much to my partners’ joy!


My mind was clearer and my body has never felt better. With some advice from her brother Eric, I have continued this work and learnt to remove multiple spirits from my mind, body and soul and continue to feel better and better. I never thought this would be an obstacle.  I will forever be grateful for the safe space that they held, the sharing of their own journey and their attitude and commitment to supporting people around them. 


Thank you Sara, Simba and Nuchie from the bottom of my heart.
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Testimonial Tom
Wellness Retreat Testimonials – Tom’s Transformation

A few weeks ago I attended a cupping course with Simba and Sara. They have created such a beautiful space called “Living with The Spirit”. Both Sara and Simba are extremely caring and knowledgeable. They definitely have the ability to hold space for others while creating a safe container for healing. The rose water was Amazing, and the class has been extremely beneficial in so many ways. Cupping has become one of my favorite new modalities and I have already seen results. Thanks Simba & Sara! I look forward to doing some more work with you guys in the future.
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cupping therapy course
Cupping Massage Course – Read About Meredith’s Experience

First and foremost, Thank you.

I felt valued as part of the temporary family Sara and Simba create and host in their home. I felt valued as part of a giving and receiving process – I was receiving the retreat time, the healing, listening, guiding, facilitating that Sara and Simba offered me. At the same time I was a building block in their business and practice. This felt truly nourishing in both ways; for them and their practice and me and my journey – balanced all round.

I felt cared for from the first moment, their patience, in allowing decisions and realities to unfold. In silence of time and space. I felt cared for by the beautiful space they created and offered me to be in. By the nourishing fruit shakes and medicinal foods they offer. By the respect of all those around. I felt cared for by how Sara asked me ‘how I am doing’, casually in the kitchen/household, relinquishing the nervousness of myself to speak out how I am feeling if I hadn’t had a prompt – It really helps to be asked. 

I felt cared for by being allowed the space and time to use for quiet, meditative, reflective time. With no pressure or any expectation to do any more than this work I came here for. I felt no judgement. Just allowance. 

I felt welcomed by them both with the opening chat to touch base on expectations/desires/intentions for the stay. I felt welcomed with the watermelon they offered me as I arrived. I felt truly welcomed into the home, as if the space was ready and waiting for me since the moment I had decided to come…maybe even before then…

I felt a calm vibe. A clean vibe. A neutral vibe. A healing vibe. A sunny vibe. A safe vibe. A secure vibe. A patient and non judgemental vibe. This is a safe zone, within the busy-ness of Chiang Mai. Where and when I needed to step away from the fast pace, here I could feel safe, secure and nice within the ‘walls’ of the space and the surrounding neighbourhood too. Even though the Chiangmai International airport is never out of ear shot in the city, Living With The Spirit emitted the vibe of a Zen Garden. 

As I board my plane to Nepal, even though I left Living with the Spirit 1 month ago, I feel my extended retreat has just now transitioned into a really new thing. Living with the Spirit came with me to Doi Saket, and even further you’ll be with me, still, in Nepal. Thank you for these teachings. I’m feeling strong and positive. 

So happy to have found eachother. Let the goodness, learning, growth, presence, understanding, bodily awareness continue to fuel our lives! 

Peace and abundance, Fay xxx

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Wellness Retreat – Fay’s Visit At Our Retreat Center

When I arrived to Living with The Spirit and started to work with Sara & Simba my life was very messy. I felt that many things in my life was very unclear in multiple aspects. I was struggling with my professional life, my social life, my relationships with friends and boyfriend and my family relationships. Nothing was very clear to me at that point and very energy draining.

What helped me the most was to understand and manage social interactions, boundaries and time management, and why it is important to manage them in order become stronger and have more energy for the things I was to do in life. For me – meeting the both of you was eye opening on many levels and especially in the fact that I need to be more diligent with my social interactions. You helped me in a way to build a trust in myself, how total care of myself and give me self value and you also taught me about self worth. How to preserve myself to be out of the social scenery and you’ve me tips, tools and advice on how to be more aware about what is going on and to respect and trust my decisions.

I also had a lot of skin issues. Many previous medicines and consultations with doctors didn’t help me with my skin problems while after you met me and gave me some advice about my lifestyle helped my skin problems a lot.

You also helped me a lot with your nutrition guidelines and my diet is now completely changed and much more healthy than before. You showed me variety and you advised me to try many different things and I have incorporated everything in my daily diet now.

Living withThe Spirit is a safe place where I can be who I am with the good and the bad and there is no judgment on either one. You always give me my space and doesn’t take it personal when I need to work on my things. You manage to hold space without me feeling I am in the way and without you getting offended about what I need to work through regarding my problems or my past. This I find very special.
This have also been a great mirror to me how to navigate and how to be around other people.

I am so lucky to have met you and this has been a great step in my life.
Thank you!

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Lifestyle Transformation – Maddy’s Testimonial

I want to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation and inner thoughts for all that Living With The Spirit is as a wellness haven and all that you gave as two wonderful spirits sharing your space for the well-being of others.


My recent stay was amazing from comfortable accommodations to a complete wellness package. I came for one thing and left with so much more. Each session with Simba cleared negative energy and helped my body to experience deep healing. What is most amazing is that I arrived with puffiness under my eyes that I was certain would need surgery since I’ve tried everything, so I thought. What I hadn’t tried was changing my diet according to Sara. The scrumptious meals prepared and the recommended fasting minimized the appearance of bags under my eyes within a week. And, the time spent with Eric will be treasured as we connected on a divine spiritual level.


The entire Living With The Spirit team revealed many ways in which I could heal my body naturally and with practicality to be quite honest. The things that I brought back with me are easy practices that I’ve been able to incorporate immediately and on a daily basis. Unlike many places that promote wellness, you can truly boast that you create measurable results.


Thank you so much for your hospitality, attentiveness and genuine concern for my well-being. I learned a lot in a short period of time, but the depth of knowledge gained will last a lifetime. There was truly a mind, body and spirit connection!


With Radical Authenticity,

 Indigo Triplett

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Detox Retreat – Dr. Indigo Triplett

Ready, set, stuck…

After years of living abroad, exploring my inner self and the World around, I finally feel I have a purpose. What is important to me is clear.

Yet, I am still stuck.


I’m trying to move toward that direction but it feels like I am dragging a 10-wheelers along with me. Not saying that steps aren’t made. But cyclic patterns of staleness make any progress feel like an illusion. I’m telling myself it is part of the process. That the steps are significative. A belief that allows me to cope with the fear of permanent staleness. Or even worse…a downward spiral.

Life is simpler, however. All unrelated distractions are being filtered out. Should be the end of my inner journey, right?
Yet doesn’t feel as so.


I am now living in Chiangmai, Thailand.

As I explore my life through the lens of movement, I sought to connect with the movement community.

A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to Simba, another movement practitioner. Simba invited me to his Wednesday movement pattern class. Not only did I had a great time, but found someone I could share movement thoughts and observations with.

As I felt more comfortable to share, the conversation drifted toward my life’s journey until now. And how I felt stuck.

I also came to understand that Simba was much more than a movement practitioner. He and his life’s partner Sara offer holistic lifestyle coaching here in Chiangmai.

They created a beautiful space. A sense of serenity transpires you as soon as you step through the front gate. I could understand why people would come in for healing retreats.

I wasn’t new to healing. I underwent a little introspective journey myself before making the move to Asia. I had no clue what I wanted in life then but felt I had reached the bottom of my inner realm and was now time to figure it out.

A few years later, here I was, steadily oriented toward my path. But steadily immobilized at the starting line. It was time to start digging again. Deeper into the so-called bottom of my inner realm.

The space invited me. And felt no inner resistance to come along.


Our mind can pull us in any direction. Where our spirit can only push us toward our deeper path.

I long lost the energy and will to strenuously pull myself around. But although I finally see light on my path, I am way too heavy to be carried away by the gentle push of my spirit.

It seems to be the right time to alleviate some of that weight. And this definitely is the right place—here at Living with the Spirit.


The first step

With that resonating in me, I booked my first free consultation with Sara & Simba.

On the day of, both greeted me with open arms. We then skimmed through the formalities and immediately dove into my story.

A bit of shyness restrains how much is shared as I usually don’t speak of my inner experiences. Especially when fears to overwhelm the practitioner, or being labeled and alienated are constantly whispering.

But Sara & Simba created a space without judgment nor pressure to share. And emphasized how this was my path and I could navigate it at my own pace.

“We are not here to give you answers. But to give you the awareness of the variables at stake, along with the confidence to explore them. Thus facilitating your own path to healing.”

Hearing this, I felt safe to be vulnerable. To be at the edge of my emotions without any fear of being hurt nor repressed.

I’ve only felt that with very few people. The closest thing would be my parents. But sometimes there is history and luggage with such close ones. Wherewith Sara & Simba, no history nor scars were present. Only this moment was. And they offered it with genuine care that would normally take years to develop.

And if I was going to go through this journey, I wanted everything known on the table from the get-go. I thus wanted to share everything. Even what got me labeled “mentally ill” in the past.

So I started talking…


After a while, I realized this first consultation wasn’t only about me assessing whether Sara & Simba were a good fit for me. But also whether if I was a good fit for them.

If I had come with expectations. Imposing how and what we should tackle first. Not allowing them to be themselves in their approach—it wouldn’t have worked.

I must be open to them, as they must be open to me.


Healing is a two-way relationship.


A one-way relationship is not healthy for anyone, regardless of who’s on the upper hand. At the sight of it, Sara & Simba would have reoriented me toward a more suitable alternative for my clinging demands.

Their role is only to provide a space for me to step down into my inner basement. And to support me with the angst of being alone. Only acting as a torch shedding light into the darkness until I find my own. And nurture me to build a stronger and stronger flame.

So after hearing my backstory, they asked me: “Why are you here?”

“I’m here because I do not want to hide no more. I want to be part of the human conscious pool. Contribute my drop and let others soak me. I do not fear to be wet anymore…I am ready to share who I am and what explorations are dear to me.”

“But I am stuck, and apparently scared to do this alone. I want to face what is holding me back. And give me the gift of emotional, physical, spiritual freedom.”

“This is why I am here.”

Sara: “Fine. This is what we do. Let’s start…”


Release, set, go…

Before starting, Sara & Simba sent me lots of questionnaires to fill and tests to take. All major aspects of health were covered. Current lifestyle assessment, stress level, and sleep quality, food log, medical history, kidney filtration test, to name a few.

At first glance, it was daunting. But the online platform facilitated the process. The details and professionalism of the tests and platform amazed me.

Usually, holistic practitioners tend to be “loose” in their life. Not the most vigorous professionals, but the soul is there. Professionals who are “rigid” in nature only pretend to be holistic. They provide a well-structured content, but an empty one. Soulful holistic practitioners who also provide clarity and professional services are rare. Sara & Simba were the first I met.

So after doing all assessments, I started to see a pattern in my life. I saw how things intertwine, what I could take out, what aspect to tackle first, etc. I started making my own opinion on how things should be done. A bit ironic as I had an opposite attitude during the initial meeting Sara & Simba.

In any case, I ended up coming to our next session with this mindset.


Always welcoming and cozy, Sara & Simba sat with me and started to explain how we would proceed. So we sat down in front of a whiteboard. Sara & Simba laid out the various spheres of healing. And explained how they interconnected with each other.

We then looked at my test results together. Identified what sphere needed more initial attention. Looked at different perspectives together. Evaluated what we should nurture first. And brainstormed implementation strategies together.

The most heartening aspect was we did it together.

I had a voice. All was done together. My experiences and opinions were not rejected. They were embraced and integrated into the process.

At one point, I caught myself justifying certain of my behaviors. And implicitly protecting long-held beliefs by looking for alternative solutions.

I was resisting change.

All because I thought I was doing the right things already. I thought I was ready to change. But apparently only to a certain extent. So long for that “open mind” of mine.

No wonder I was stuck.

Having said that, resistance was a positive sign. Resistance meant I was going deep. It indicated I was stirring things up. It was the initial resistance of the ground beneath me, as I was scooping light in.

Sara & Simba were sensible enough to recognize it. And blended well together to facilitate each scoop. They changed phrasings. Brought new variables. Tinted perspective. Petted my shivered ego. All to scaffold my emotional distress. In other words—eased swallowing the pill.

But the actual work is about accepting the discomfort of the pill. Not about fearing the pill. Opening myself to change.

Doing this alone can be difficult…but I wasn’t alone anymore.


So here I am home with a clear plan, reflecting on my new journey.

We thought it would be a good idea to journal my observations and emotions. As to track progress and patterns, and give me another expressive outlet.

Catching myself giving resistance was interesting. Especially when I came in with a so-called “open mind”. Seeing that deeply I was not as open as I initially thought. I thought I knew what I needed to do. An illusion that helped to cope with the reality of my staleness. Hiding that I am alone, scared, and yearning for support.

But now it’s time to move.

It doesn’t mean rejecting the past. I still embrace those experiences. But I am not shackled by them anymore.

I see now that to move I must have an open mind.

Clinging to past practices, even if beneficial at the time, generates staleness. In retrospective, they were only beneficial as I picked them up. Picking up implies an open mind. Thus the open-minded state seems to be the crucial element. And the practice itself irrelevant. Even if it was to be based on scriptures.

Movement with an open mind is healing.

Even if I have knowledge about a few things. It doesn’t matter. Let the practitioner be. Artists make their own creative web. How it’s designed nor the material of the thread matters. If it is an artful web where I can freely flow, it will be the catalyst for my healing process.

Sara & Simba are two life artists on their own spiritual journey. Who created a haven for me and others to move in. Catalyzing healing for open-minded souls on their spiritual journey.

And that was what I found at Living with the Spirit…after “a little” resistance.

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Emotional Transformation – Read About Tristan’s Experience

I have spent the last seven and a half months living at “Living with the Spirit”.  When I first arrived, I had spent over seven years and thousands of dollars trying to regain my health and to feel good.  In spite of working with 4 nutritional specialists, trying numerous diets, taking over $500 a month on “designer supplements”, going to dozens of doctors and alternative healers, I was not improving and I was only feeling more hopeless and depressed.  I was ready to totally give up.

Before I came to Living with the Spirit, I had been searching for a center where I could do a totally raw fruit diet in Mexico and Southeast Asia. I was looking for a center such as this, but could not find one that I felt good about.  I knew that if I tried to start and continue a totally raw fruit diet on my own, I wouldn’t make it.

When I met Sara and Simba, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.  The time I spent with Sara and Simba was very challenging at first.  I had been living on a standard western diet high in meat, dairy and wheat for all my life and drinking coffee, eating sugar and processed foods also.  When I moved into Living with the Spirit, I gave it all up the day I moved in.

I totally transitioned to a totally raw fruit diet in one week and gave up coffee at the same time.  When you go from a standard diet to totally raw fruit, it brings up a lot of really painful old emotions and at times it can be overwhelming.  Many days I just stayed in bed except to eat and go the bathroom and somedays, getting a massage was the only thing that got me thru.  Under Simba’s guidance I started working out over an hour a day.  Under Sara’s guidance, I learned about nutrition and raw fruit.

Sara and Simba were very helpful and supportive when I really need the support.  They helped me get thru this at times very challenging journey.  They are very compassionate and genuinely care about helping people that come to them.  They truly walk the walk to restoring health and well being on all levels.

The healing I have experienced while here was a very deep healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit.  I have learned to really start living in the moment and start doing things that I really love to do as an important part of my healing journey.  I have also learned to choose to be happy in this moment in spite of how I feel or what is going on in my life.  I have learned to be very grateful for my amazing life and for this opportunity.

About one month ago, I started feeling better than I have felt in a long time physically and emotionally.  My brain fog has decreased over 70% and my happiness has increased over 80%.  I  am so grateful, because, after almost giving up hope of ever feeling  better, I can finally put this search for healing to bed and start living a life that I love and saving a ton of money.

I am leaving Living with the Spirit in a few days feeling so much better and more optimistic about my life and my future.  I am moving to a small fishing village on the coast of the gulf for Thailand.  It is paradise, with the ocean, miles of quiet beaches, islands, and surrounded by mountains.  I will continue my raw fruit diet and my healing journey there and I am really excited.  I know that I am ready for this new chapter in my life and I am so grateful for the time I spent at Living with the Spirit and Sara and Simba for all the help and guidance I have received.  I can finally say I am living my dream.

Steve Deweese DC


We also received this update from Steve one month after him checking out from the house:

“Dear Sara and Simba:
I wanted to write you and tell you just how much I appreciate both of you for all you did for me. In someways, you saved my life.

When I first came up to Chiang Mai and met you, I was tired, in pain, discouraged, depressed and feeling hopeless. I wasn’t happy about myself, my life or my future. I had practically given up on the idea of ever feeling good again.

You talked to me, invited me to come to your center and participate in your program. It took a huge leap of faith to make that decision, but looking back on it, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Going thru the detox process was one of the hardest things I have ever done on all levels and I know I wouldn’t have made it without your help or your support.

There were many times I just wanted to stop and go back to the life I knew before, but, because of your caring, guidance and sometimes tough love, I was able to hang in there until I started feeling better.

I feel like in some ways, you orchestrated me going down to Dolphin Bay for 10 days, because you knew it was what I needed.

When I thought about going, I had a lot of fears and resistance, but I really felt like I needed to get to the ocean. When I got down here, all the pieces came together and I could truly see and feel how I had changed and how I finally felt so much better. I realized that I could truly live a life that I loved.

I am now happier and at peace than I have been in years. Perhaps my entire life.

I so much appreciate both of you for all your help and encouragement.”

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detox testimonial
7 Months Detox Retreat – Steve’s Life Transformation

It all started with an amazing Chi Nei Tsang massage where the lady told me there were still things to release and the therapeutic work should be associated with psychological and holistic approach, that is the first time i’ve heard about Sara, Simba and Living with the spirit.

I was in Thaïland since a few months already to learn myself about massage, and did plan a trip to India a few months later for a yoga teacher training, having a very organized western approach of an holistic life at the end, and still facing some anger,  sadness and self judgment  deep within, and even more if i work with people’s wellness and balance, i knew i had to deal with my own since a few years.

Sara saw from the first moment i was way too “fire” haha and probably avoiding the deep issues, their approach with Simba was very organized, very analytic and at the same time very holistic which actually helps to deal with old patterns in a very efficient way, giving specific tools for everyday life and leading you to ask yourself the proper questions pointing where is the missing point. I didn’t know what to expect and actually they made me work on exactly what i needed to look at : my quality of life. And now that i’ve been learning Yoga philosophy i understand it so much. Healthy thoughts in a healthy body right.:)

I worked 2 month together with both of them with their very complementary approach and Sara had always been there as a coach and now a friend to help me get through difficult moments, she also leaded me and followed me through a detox program where i felt like never before and oh, they helped me to get back to vegetarism, and be more trustful to the universe and laws of nature. I am very grateful for them and for life to bring me in their peaceful home and would recommend them to anyone looking to know themselves better, bring back energy, go back to the roots and find the love within. Many thanks and much Love to you ?



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Stress & Emotion Transformation – Cle’s Testimonial

Sara and Simba inspires me to take good care of my body, my mind and my Spirit. I am an untrained, retired 68 year old woman who has decided to become stronger and feel better. 
I have been joining their group workouts, taken private personal training sessions and also massage treatments. This place has inspired and helped me to start training in a playful way. I have increased strength and mobility and I have also lost 12 kilos.

Getting started was much easier than I could ever imagine, all thanks to Sara and Simba’s knowledge and desire to help others. I have learned exercises necessary to strengthen my hip and together with treatments I am now fully recover. After five months I have learned to take care of my own body and I will continue my work online to make sure I stay on point until my return next season.

Thank you for helping me, always fun and rewarding.

//Ann, 68

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Personal Training Testimonial – Ann’s Experience