In this Holistic Transformation Start Kit, we offer you practical tools to inspire you to get started with your own personal holistic lifestyle. Learn the first practical steps for personal self-transformation as it lays the foundations that allow for you to take your health to the next level. Our holistic approach to detox, health, and grounding is easy and effective. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we work with our clients at our Holistic Retreat Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Recipe Book For Raw Foods And Detoxification. Inspiration to start healing your body from the inside and out. Food is your medicine and is the number one key to a happy, healthy, and vibrant body.

  • The Importance Of Kidney Filtration E-Book – Our kidneys are one of our most important organs when it comes to supporting our health and well-being. In this information-packed Ebook, you learn why the kidneys are so important and how you can support them on your journey to Wellville.

  • Guided Breathing Meditation – Join us for a guided breathing meditation to reduce anxiety and stress. With this simple and effective breathing technique and meditation, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system to balance our fight and flight response and allow the body to rest and repair.

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