Today I sit down with Tanja, who has been at our retreat for six weeks working on deep chronic pain from surviving a severe plane crash five years ago. Below you see the plane’s remains; it was a true miracle that she survived, as the pilot passed away immediately. Tanja shares how she has completely changed her relationship with her pain in this interview. In the video below, join in on this incredible journey to hear about Tanja’s experience with us at the farm.


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Retreat Experience – Tanja’s Powerful Chronic Pain Retreat

Watch this powerful testimonial from @energylinda who stayed with us at the farm for a week to come to terms with anxiety, fear, and tiredness. She also felt detached from herself, as well as uncertain and very unhappy.

Linda shares her emotional experience at the farm and about her life-changing results, in only one week.

Keep watching until the end to get the full message about her journey working on herself with us at the farm.

Linda joined us at the farm for a one-week retreat and she also added on a private session package on 10 sessions, where she did 2 private sessions per day for 5 days. Thank you Linda for your trust and your beautiful words, and for helping to share the powers of self-healing.

Watch her amazing story here:

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Linda’s Raw & Emotional Retreat Journey

Mark is being open and honest about his past journey and has chosen to reconnect with his inner self together with Living with the Spirit.

Mark describes how welcoming the community is here at the farm and how the surroundings are great for him to work on his past trauma through detox programs, trauma release exercises, group meditations, and other activities.

We are glad to be part of Mark’s healing journey, and we have faith in him for all of the hard work he has put in to find himself.

Mark has decided to do a full lifestyle transformation and has chosen to join our community full time. Watch his video here:

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Mark’s Journey To Find His True Self