I just completed the Candida & Parasite Cleanse, which Living with the Spirit created. I began the program intending to mildly cleanse my body. I feel now much lighter and purer. I used to have bad cravings for sweets & junk food, but at the moment I have no desire to go back to them, and even after I completed the course I am still keeping my diet as clean as possible. The course is not only to purify your body but it helps you to transition into a completely new healthy lifestyle.


I was taking the herbal protocol together with a diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables. The first week I had brown rice and steamed veggies but tried to stay as raw as possible after. I experienced some mild detox symptoms like a foggy head, lots of mucus being released from my body, and some fatigue. The Candida & Parasite Plan is easy and you have different dietary options that are all well explained, easy to follow and you could even do a water fast if you are up to it, to clean your body on a deeper level. Four weeks in and I have the energy I had when I was in my 20’s (now 40’s).


I am awake at the crack of dawn, have lots of power, and no longer feel that I am dragging myself through the day. Sara and Simba have been wonderful in explaining everything in detail in the four webinars that come with the program. They offer their full support and you can always get in touch with them if you have any additional questions or need their help. It has been a spiritually and mentally strengthening experience and a blessing in my journey of healthy living. I can highly recommend the program.


-Bootz, May 2021
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Candida & Parasite Cleanse Testimonial

I just completed 2 months of working remotely with Sara and Simba.  I am a completely different person than when I began!  I was suffering from extreme fatigue and chronic, debilitating pain. Within **2** weeks of the nutrition + detox program Sara put me on (high percentage raw food, mostly fruit + Dr. Morse tinctures), my energy was restored and my pain radically diminished. This was miraculous!  I attribute this to the healing power of the food and herbs, but perhaps even more to Sara’s absolute confidence in my capacity to heal which allowed my body to trust the process – to know that I could, and would, heal!  Everything Sara recommends she has done or is doing herself. She walks her talk every single step of the way. She is a Warrior of Healing. You want her in your court.


To support my transformation with Sara, Simba helped me with strength training, TRE & EFT.  Simba has a seemingly endless tool chest of incredibly effective modalities he has honed through his own practice that support the body in unwinding, healing and strengthening.  I would call him a  “Body Whisperer” because he creates a field of safety and unconditional acceptance that the body and psyche instantly recognize.  Like Sara, everything he transmits comes from his own embodied experience, and through his kind and loving heart.  Simba also did EFT with my 11yr old son, and it was absolutely amazing to see how my son responded to Simba and picked up on EFT, which he’s been practicing since.


Together, Sara and Simba create a Field of Transformation which awakens the Spirit to heal and team play with the Body.  They are completely, 100% committed to their own healing and evolution, and from that place, 100% committed to the healing and transformation of their clients.  In a world that is full of superficiality and sales, Sara and Simba are precious gems who live and serve genuinely from their Heart.  It is a blessing to work with them.

– T.C., USA

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Life Changing Transformation – Read The Powerful Testimonial From T.C

Living with the Spirit was a transformational experience and I will always be grateful for the grounded support that I received. Sara created a safe space where I felt nurtured and secure. She intuitively helped me along my detox and fasting journey, something I had never undertaken before, and had quit a bit of anxiety towards.

Experiencing that process while Simba helps you with your body is beyond healing. His expertise and techniques far surpass any bodyworker I’ve ever come across. Having been in several car accidents I have utilized physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapists, reiki and any other form of rehabilitation I came across. Nothing compares the the relief from my chronic pain management than what I found at Living With the Spirit.
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Detox Retreat – Read Dawns Testimonial

I visited Living with The Spirit after my brother committed suicide and I needed help to ground, to get emotional support and to support my over all health. I also needed support for emotional eating, moving forward with my life and to work on the pain in my hip. This is my video about my retreat at Living with The Spirit.


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An Emotional Healing Journey – My’s Video Testimonial

I spent 3 months at the Living with The Spirit Live In Retreat and I have continued to work with them for almost 2 months for private sessions after I moved out. I originally came for post surgery physiotherapy due to a full hip replacement at RAM Hospital in Chiang Mai.


What does this place mean to you?
Before I came here I started to imagine what this place was all about. All I knew was the information and the pictures I could see on the internet. A healing place where I can do a lot of exercise for my surgery and some spiritual and emotional healing treatment. Then I came here and after the first few days I started to get the feeling that this is much more than I could ever imagine. It’s more like a home, and before I thought it would be more like a school. Like in Harry Potter 🙂

On my second day here I started my detox and my fruit diet and I started to question my choices and I wasn’t hundred percent sure. But Sara was doing the detox together with me and I started to learn more about the process for myself and I realised it is all about our belief systems. It is not just about doing what someone else is telling me to do it’s about doing what feels right for me. I also felt very encouraged by Sara and Simba as they practice what they preach themselves and their trust and faith in the process and also their own results. They are living their philosophy 100%, which gives me confidence and makes me feel safe. This goes for the diet, the exercises and all treatments. Sara and Simba have through their guidance during my healing period become like my spiritual mother and father.


Why did you choose to come to this retreat?
At first it was because of my full hip replacement operation. I was told by my colleague that she had researched this place for me and that this will be the best place to recover from my surgery. At first my plan was to move straight into a condo and live on my own, but I decided to go with the flow and follow her recommendation. During the past month I started to think back about this decision, and what my life would have been if I did not decide to come here first. I can honestly say that I have no idea what my life would look like, but I know that it would be very far from where I am now. I feel the Spirit guided me here.

The first day I walked through the doors here I could feel the vibe. I am a bit sensitive to energies and once I stepped into this place I felt: Wow! And I had the feeling that I need to stay here and spend some time here to cultivate and grow. For the first 2-3 weeks my emotions were up and down and whenever I came back from my sessions I felt very grounded and I felt very at home. This feeling is very important and I feel there is a magic energy here.


How was your experience with the physiotherapy after your surgery?
I did a full hip replacement in March and the physiotherapy here with Simba has been perfect. More than perfect. Simba planned my recovery step by step and for the first two weeks I was thinking that maybe this will be very tough for me. Simba was very patient and guided me as I was learning things for the first time. It was like I was learning to walk again as a child. From day one and step by step he made me feel very safe and comfortable. And we just went very slow and smooth and I did not have any hard time. I think the whole procedure went really smooth and fast, because when I left here last month and I spoke to family and friends no one could believe that I could walk like normal in just three months. But actually when I left here I had already been walking for a month. I walked in to the second followup appointment to the doctor at RAM Hospital without crutches.


Could you please share a bit about your experience with TRE?
I first tried TRE when I was at The Cabin and I only had two sessions there. At that time my hip was very painful so I could not tremor a lot. Even if I tried I could not do it. And I thought it was some sort of stretching exercise and I did not understand what was going on until I came here and had a private session with Simba. Then I experienced the real TRE and Simba explained the whole theory to me about what TRE is. At first I doubted it and about 30% of me was thinking if this really could work. But ok, I will try it and for the first two sessions I did not tremor much and instead it was a lot of thinking going on. I was in doubt, and I felt a little embarrassed and that this is not normal and so on.

But on the third session the tremors just happened by itself and Simba asked what I was feeling. I said that if I don’t think it just happens and if I think it is blocked. Through this I learned alot about how I can use TRE in my daily life and how it is connected to my stress and emotions. When the tremors happen it is really powerful and strong and you have to practice on staying grounded and staying in the now and not letting the emotions carry you away. This is the same as in real life when you are having a problem with something or someone and then you have to stay grounded to solve your problem. Through TRE I learned alot about myself, a very powerful tool.


Could you please explain a bit about your experience with Reiki?
I have heard a lot about Reiki before I came to Thailand but this was my first time to experience and receive Reiki therapy. The first session I loved it already and I could feel the warmth, the energy and the qi moving and it calmed me down. It’s hard to explain but I could just feel it. I still remember it was a session where I previously had cried in my room and my emotions were just chaos and then we did the Reiki. We started the session and Simba said that he could feel some resistance and emotions from me and then after the Reiki session I felt like the door was open I could let out a lot of negative emotions and energy. Before the session I felt really stuck and everything was tight and I was trying to fight against the emotions. But after the session I felt relaxed and open and I could let go.


Please tell us about your new hobby, the ice baths?
I had never tried an ice bath before I came to Living with The Spirit. And the first time I tried it was during my second week here and I looked at Sara and Simba doing it and it looked really normal and that it was something I could do. And then when I tried it for the first time I was aiming for 3 minutes and I got in and the first 10 seconds it felt like nothing. But then my mind started racing, telling me to get out and that it was dangerous. Sara and Simba told me to breathe and relax and my mind told me to get out. The feeling was not only very cold, it was painful and a lot of voices telling me that this is not safe, this is dangerous and they are bad people. Why am I here etc, and I had no idea where these voices came from. And after the first minute I started to breath and all the voices disappeared. The pain went away and I started to go a bit numb and became relaxed. The feeling was still there but the voices became more and more quiet. I could come back to myself and become centered again, and I could start to listen outside again and not only on the inside. First time I did it was about 2,5 minutes and then I got up.

After my first time I could not feel my leg and I almost could not walk, it was a feeling I had never had before in my life. I took a hot shower and after that I could really start to feel the benefits. Before I went into the ice bath my leg always felt super heavy but after I could feel the blood starting to circulate and it felt like I got a new leg. Then I knew the benefits. I could still feel a lot from the surgery but I could feel why this was used as treatment. I did the ice bath once or twice per week during my stay and every time after I did it I always forgot that I had the surgery. It was like I was lighter and the ica bath removed my pain. Since I came to Living with The Spirit I did not use any pain killers. The first night I was thinking about it but I just felt safe here and I was talking to Sara about it. She did not tell me whether to take medication or not but she recommended me to try to go without at first. I decided not to take any painkillers the first night and then I completely forgot about it.


How was your experience with the Therapeutic Treatments?
I really enjoyed the cupping treatments, I did it a couple of times in Hong Kong where they put the fire stick into the bamboo cup. The cupping that we do here is similar but I prefer the cups Simba use that are made from silicone. I think they are more flexible and with the bamboo and glass cups I feel more pain. The silicone cup you can move around with the massage oil and it’s not a pressing massage it’s more like a sucking massage. You can feel the tissue and the fascia move and how you move the navigate energy and move the circulation.


How was your Detox?
The second day here I decided to go with the fruit diet, when I think back about this decision I feel very brave. This is something that I always wanted to do but I did not have the chance in my normal life. Going with friends to restaurants and eating hot pots and sushi, it’s really difficult to have a diet like the detox. Here I have the opportunity and I felt like this might be the only way I can try this out. I think after the second week of fruits I felt my whole body was getting lighter. My heavy emotions were reduced by at least 20% and I felt younger. I know now that my body has improved a lot since my detox and I am much more sensitive to energies. After I moved out from the house I tried to have sea food once. I cooked it and the smell made me feel not so good. And when I ate it and took a bite I ran to the bathroom and threw it up right away. I used to love fish but now I could not eat it. I think this is because my body is still in a detox stage. After that I went back to eating mostly fruit and I feel much better and lighter again. Not only my physical body but also my emotional body. Fruit is fantastic! I also eat raw food, and if I compare it to cooked food I think it feels more fresh and more colorful.

How was it to work out while being on the raw food diet?
I was a bit concerned at first, do I have enough energy to do all the exercises if I only eat raw fruit? But, I realized that I was thinking too much. Fruit can be very energetic, and do not underestimate it. Maybe from appearance I look a bit more slim than when I was eating meat but the energy is still there and in fact it is more aligned. When you eat meat you might have bulkier muscles but the appearance is that your energy is slow. With a raw fruit or raw food diet you are more fast.

In Hong Kong I tried doing deadlifts, I had my trainer but I had a very hard time doing it. It felt very tight in my back and in my shoulders and it felt like something was wrong. At that time I ate a lot of meat. But here I was only eating fruit, and we did the deadlift again and I listened to Simba’s instructions and this time it seemed so easy. It feels like it’s due to improved mobility and my body is more flexible than when I was in Hong Kong. And I feel much lighter, both physically and mentally.


How would you describe the emotional work that you have been doing here?
I think if you decide to come here you need to open yourself up, and trust. When I first came here I still had like 20% blocking inside but then one day after I had been talking with my wife and my family and I had a tough conversation, I came to Sara and I started crying. Then I started asking myself why I was crying, but then I thought if I choose to be here and talk with her I have to open my heart. And in that moment I decided to tell her everything, and then the energy just kept flowing and I gave my energy to Sara and she sent it back with support. It made me feel safe and now Sara and Simba are my family members and this feeling keeps getting stronger and stronger. And even now after I have moved out and started living by myself in my condo here in Chiang Mai, moving out felt like leaving my family. Almost like I was going away for University. And I have not had this feeling in a long time, so it was very important to open my heart and communicate.


What results did you get by being here?
When I started to live by myself and I had some ups and down, and I came back here I felt wow this place is so important to me. It’s like home, every time I come here it’s like recharging my batteries and every morning I go to the Spirit House in the garden. Everything here, even just the little grass is living here. Everything is more colorful here than anywhere outside. This feeling is really strong with me and every time I visit the Spirit House I say please guide me when I am out there and can not see the light. Please guide me and remind me of when I am here and the light that I can feel so strong here and the energy that is strong here. Please guide me to recall it when I am lost. It is really important to me to remember that when I was here it was perfect and I need to recall it when I have a hard time.


Who would you recommend to come here?
Anyone! Hong Kong people. Stressful people.
If you are ready, you need to come. Listen to your Spirit. Trust your Spirit. If anyone who has the chance to go to your homepage and read this, then you are ready.
And that it’s a sign 🙂

//A Roddick
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Post Surgery, Detox & Emotional Retreat
Post Surgery, Detox & Emotional Retreat – Retreat Interview with A. Roddick

I was really in a desperate situation after having a motorbike accident and being stuck in a place with no physical therapy. Simba reached out to me after I made a Fb post. We had an initial free online consultation and immediately I felt that he understood what my body needed. He gave me a couple simple exercises to do to help relieve my pain.
We talked about me coming by for a treatment when I was able to make it to Chiang Mai. I never felt any pressure or obligation but instead felt it would be good for me to see him in person.


When the time was right, I stopped by his lovely Living with the Spirit location. I felt immediately welcome. My arm felt so much better after the 1 1/2 hr treatment.Sure, it wasn’t always pleasant when he was working on my shoulder but I knew that he knew what he was doing. After being home for a few weeks, many hours from LwtS, I realised that my body needed more intensive therapy to fully heal. So after more discussion, without feeling any pressure, I decided to come for a week.


It was a GREAT decision. I had such a good time, getting 2 treatments a day, doing a cleanse for 5 days, feeling so supported in my healing process. Sara always made sure that my fasting drink was ready for me.
The staff at the house was so lovely and always full of smiles.
I really enjoyed my week there. I can’t wait to tell more people about it!
Now, after the time, I’m still doing the exercises that were given to me to help regain full movement in my body.
Simba really knows what he’s doing. So does Sara. 5 star recommendation!!


Sarah Cura
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sarah cura testimonial
Injury & Detox Retreat – Read Sarah’s Testimonial

I want to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation and inner thoughts for all that Living With The Spirit is as a wellness haven and all that you gave as two wonderful spirits sharing your space for the well-being of others.


My recent stay was amazing from comfortable accommodations to a complete wellness package. I came for one thing and left with so much more. Each session with Simba cleared negative energy and helped my body to experience deep healing. What is most amazing is that I arrived with puffiness under my eyes that I was certain would need surgery since I’ve tried everything, so I thought. What I hadn’t tried was changing my diet according to Sara. The scrumptious meals prepared and the recommended fasting minimized the appearance of bags under my eyes within a week. And, the time spent with Eric will be treasured as we connected on a divine spiritual level.


The entire Living With The Spirit team revealed many ways in which I could heal my body naturally and with practicality to be quite honest. The things that I brought back with me are easy practices that I’ve been able to incorporate immediately and on a daily basis. Unlike many places that promote wellness, you can truly boast that you create measurable results.


Thank you so much for your hospitality, attentiveness and genuine concern for my well-being. I learned a lot in a short period of time, but the depth of knowledge gained will last a lifetime. There was truly a mind, body and spirit connection!


With Radical Authenticity,

 Indigo Triplett

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Detox Retreat – Dr. Indigo Triplett

Ready, set, stuck…

After years of living abroad, exploring my inner self and the World around, I finally feel I have a purpose. What is important to me is clear.

Yet, I am still stuck.


I’m trying to move toward that direction but it feels like I am dragging a 10-wheelers along with me. Not saying that steps aren’t made. But cyclic patterns of staleness make any progress feel like an illusion. I’m telling myself it is part of the process. That the steps are significative. A belief that allows me to cope with the fear of permanent staleness. Or even worse…a downward spiral.

Life is simpler, however. All unrelated distractions are being filtered out. Should be the end of my inner journey, right?
Yet doesn’t feel as so.


I am now living in Chiangmai, Thailand.

As I explore my life through the lens of movement, I sought to connect with the movement community.

A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to Simba, another movement practitioner. Simba invited me to his Wednesday movement pattern class. Not only did I had a great time, but found someone I could share movement thoughts and observations with.

As I felt more comfortable to share, the conversation drifted toward my life’s journey until now. And how I felt stuck.

I also came to understand that Simba was much more than a movement practitioner. He and his life’s partner Sara offer holistic lifestyle coaching here in Chiangmai.

They created a beautiful space. A sense of serenity transpires you as soon as you step through the front gate. I could understand why people would come in for healing retreats.

I wasn’t new to healing. I underwent a little introspective journey myself before making the move to Asia. I had no clue what I wanted in life then but felt I had reached the bottom of my inner realm and was now time to figure it out.

A few years later, here I was, steadily oriented toward my path. But steadily immobilized at the starting line. It was time to start digging again. Deeper into the so-called bottom of my inner realm.

The space invited me. And felt no inner resistance to come along.


Our mind can pull us in any direction. Where our spirit can only push us toward our deeper path.

I long lost the energy and will to strenuously pull myself around. But although I finally see light on my path, I am way too heavy to be carried away by the gentle push of my spirit.

It seems to be the right time to alleviate some of that weight. And this definitely is the right place—here at Living with the Spirit.


The first step

With that resonating in me, I booked my first free consultation with Sara & Simba.

On the day of, both greeted me with open arms. We then skimmed through the formalities and immediately dove into my story.

A bit of shyness restrains how much is shared as I usually don’t speak of my inner experiences. Especially when fears to overwhelm the practitioner, or being labeled and alienated are constantly whispering.

But Sara & Simba created a space without judgment nor pressure to share. And emphasized how this was my path and I could navigate it at my own pace.

“We are not here to give you answers. But to give you the awareness of the variables at stake, along with the confidence to explore them. Thus facilitating your own path to healing.”

Hearing this, I felt safe to be vulnerable. To be at the edge of my emotions without any fear of being hurt nor repressed.

I’ve only felt that with very few people. The closest thing would be my parents. But sometimes there is history and luggage with such close ones. Wherewith Sara & Simba, no history nor scars were present. Only this moment was. And they offered it with genuine care that would normally take years to develop.

And if I was going to go through this journey, I wanted everything known on the table from the get-go. I thus wanted to share everything. Even what got me labeled “mentally ill” in the past.

So I started talking…


After a while, I realized this first consultation wasn’t only about me assessing whether Sara & Simba were a good fit for me. But also whether if I was a good fit for them.

If I had come with expectations. Imposing how and what we should tackle first. Not allowing them to be themselves in their approach—it wouldn’t have worked.

I must be open to them, as they must be open to me.


Healing is a two-way relationship.


A one-way relationship is not healthy for anyone, regardless of who’s on the upper hand. At the sight of it, Sara & Simba would have reoriented me toward a more suitable alternative for my clinging demands.

Their role is only to provide a space for me to step down into my inner basement. And to support me with the angst of being alone. Only acting as a torch shedding light into the darkness until I find my own. And nurture me to build a stronger and stronger flame.

So after hearing my backstory, they asked me: “Why are you here?”

“I’m here because I do not want to hide no more. I want to be part of the human conscious pool. Contribute my drop and let others soak me. I do not fear to be wet anymore…I am ready to share who I am and what explorations are dear to me.”

“But I am stuck, and apparently scared to do this alone. I want to face what is holding me back. And give me the gift of emotional, physical, spiritual freedom.”

“This is why I am here.”

Sara: “Fine. This is what we do. Let’s start…”


Release, set, go…

Before starting, Sara & Simba sent me lots of questionnaires to fill and tests to take. All major aspects of health were covered. Current lifestyle assessment, stress level, and sleep quality, food log, medical history, kidney filtration test, to name a few.

At first glance, it was daunting. But the online platform facilitated the process. The details and professionalism of the tests and platform amazed me.

Usually, holistic practitioners tend to be “loose” in their life. Not the most vigorous professionals, but the soul is there. Professionals who are “rigid” in nature only pretend to be holistic. They provide a well-structured content, but an empty one. Soulful holistic practitioners who also provide clarity and professional services are rare. Sara & Simba were the first I met.

So after doing all assessments, I started to see a pattern in my life. I saw how things intertwine, what I could take out, what aspect to tackle first, etc. I started making my own opinion on how things should be done. A bit ironic as I had an opposite attitude during the initial meeting Sara & Simba.

In any case, I ended up coming to our next session with this mindset.


Always welcoming and cozy, Sara & Simba sat with me and started to explain how we would proceed. So we sat down in front of a whiteboard. Sara & Simba laid out the various spheres of healing. And explained how they interconnected with each other.

We then looked at my test results together. Identified what sphere needed more initial attention. Looked at different perspectives together. Evaluated what we should nurture first. And brainstormed implementation strategies together.

The most heartening aspect was we did it together.

I had a voice. All was done together. My experiences and opinions were not rejected. They were embraced and integrated into the process.

At one point, I caught myself justifying certain of my behaviors. And implicitly protecting long-held beliefs by looking for alternative solutions.

I was resisting change.

All because I thought I was doing the right things already. I thought I was ready to change. But apparently only to a certain extent. So long for that “open mind” of mine.

No wonder I was stuck.

Having said that, resistance was a positive sign. Resistance meant I was going deep. It indicated I was stirring things up. It was the initial resistance of the ground beneath me, as I was scooping light in.

Sara & Simba were sensible enough to recognize it. And blended well together to facilitate each scoop. They changed phrasings. Brought new variables. Tinted perspective. Petted my shivered ego. All to scaffold my emotional distress. In other words—eased swallowing the pill.

But the actual work is about accepting the discomfort of the pill. Not about fearing the pill. Opening myself to change.

Doing this alone can be difficult…but I wasn’t alone anymore.


So here I am home with a clear plan, reflecting on my new journey.

We thought it would be a good idea to journal my observations and emotions. As to track progress and patterns, and give me another expressive outlet.

Catching myself giving resistance was interesting. Especially when I came in with a so-called “open mind”. Seeing that deeply I was not as open as I initially thought. I thought I knew what I needed to do. An illusion that helped to cope with the reality of my staleness. Hiding that I am alone, scared, and yearning for support.

But now it’s time to move.

It doesn’t mean rejecting the past. I still embrace those experiences. But I am not shackled by them anymore.

I see now that to move I must have an open mind.

Clinging to past practices, even if beneficial at the time, generates staleness. In retrospective, they were only beneficial as I picked them up. Picking up implies an open mind. Thus the open-minded state seems to be the crucial element. And the practice itself irrelevant. Even if it was to be based on scriptures.

Movement with an open mind is healing.

Even if I have knowledge about a few things. It doesn’t matter. Let the practitioner be. Artists make their own creative web. How it’s designed nor the material of the thread matters. If it is an artful web where I can freely flow, it will be the catalyst for my healing process.

Sara & Simba are two life artists on their own spiritual journey. Who created a haven for me and others to move in. Catalyzing healing for open-minded souls on their spiritual journey.

And that was what I found at Living with the Spirit…after “a little” resistance.

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Emotional Transformation – Read About Tristan’s Experience

I have spent the last seven and a half months living at “Living with the Spirit”.  When I first arrived, I had spent over seven years and thousands of dollars trying to regain my health and to feel good.  In spite of working with 4 nutritional specialists, trying numerous diets, taking over $500 a month on “designer supplements”, going to dozens of doctors and alternative healers, I was not improving and I was only feeling more hopeless and depressed.  I was ready to totally give up.

Before I came to Living with the Spirit, I had been searching for a center where I could do a totally raw fruit diet in Mexico and Southeast Asia. I was looking for a center such as this, but could not find one that I felt good about.  I knew that if I tried to start and continue a totally raw fruit diet on my own, I wouldn’t make it.

When I met Sara and Simba, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.  The time I spent with Sara and Simba was very challenging at first.  I had been living on a standard western diet high in meat, dairy and wheat for all my life and drinking coffee, eating sugar and processed foods also.  When I moved into Living with the Spirit, I gave it all up the day I moved in.

I totally transitioned to a totally raw fruit diet in one week and gave up coffee at the same time.  When you go from a standard diet to totally raw fruit, it brings up a lot of really painful old emotions and at times it can be overwhelming.  Many days I just stayed in bed except to eat and go the bathroom and somedays, getting a massage was the only thing that got me thru.  Under Simba’s guidance I started working out over an hour a day.  Under Sara’s guidance, I learned about nutrition and raw fruit.

Sara and Simba were very helpful and supportive when I really need the support.  They helped me get thru this at times very challenging journey.  They are very compassionate and genuinely care about helping people that come to them.  They truly walk the walk to restoring health and well being on all levels.

The healing I have experienced while here was a very deep healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit.  I have learned to really start living in the moment and start doing things that I really love to do as an important part of my healing journey.  I have also learned to choose to be happy in this moment in spite of how I feel or what is going on in my life.  I have learned to be very grateful for my amazing life and for this opportunity.

About one month ago, I started feeling better than I have felt in a long time physically and emotionally.  My brain fog has decreased over 70% and my happiness has increased over 80%.  I  am so grateful, because, after almost giving up hope of ever feeling  better, I can finally put this search for healing to bed and start living a life that I love and saving a ton of money.

I am leaving Living with the Spirit in a few days feeling so much better and more optimistic about my life and my future.  I am moving to a small fishing village on the coast of the gulf for Thailand.  It is paradise, with the ocean, miles of quiet beaches, islands, and surrounded by mountains.  I will continue my raw fruit diet and my healing journey there and I am really excited.  I know that I am ready for this new chapter in my life and I am so grateful for the time I spent at Living with the Spirit and Sara and Simba for all the help and guidance I have received.  I can finally say I am living my dream.

Steve Deweese DC


We also received this update from Steve one month after him checking out from the house:

“Dear Sara and Simba:
I wanted to write you and tell you just how much I appreciate both of you for all you did for me. In someways, you saved my life.

When I first came up to Chiang Mai and met you, I was tired, in pain, discouraged, depressed and feeling hopeless. I wasn’t happy about myself, my life or my future. I had practically given up on the idea of ever feeling good again.

You talked to me, invited me to come to your center and participate in your program. It took a huge leap of faith to make that decision, but looking back on it, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Going thru the detox process was one of the hardest things I have ever done on all levels and I know I wouldn’t have made it without your help or your support.

There were many times I just wanted to stop and go back to the life I knew before, but, because of your caring, guidance and sometimes tough love, I was able to hang in there until I started feeling better.

I feel like in some ways, you orchestrated me going down to Dolphin Bay for 10 days, because you knew it was what I needed.

When I thought about going, I had a lot of fears and resistance, but I really felt like I needed to get to the ocean. When I got down here, all the pieces came together and I could truly see and feel how I had changed and how I finally felt so much better. I realized that I could truly live a life that I loved.

I am now happier and at peace than I have been in years. Perhaps my entire life.

I so much appreciate both of you for all your help and encouragement.”

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detox testimonial
7 Months Detox Retreat – Steve’s Life Transformation

I stayed with Living with The Spirit for 3 months. Looking back it’s hard to remember the details. Though I do remember that the trip was not what I had expected beforehand. All I can do is to sink into the moment and reflect on whatever comes to mind when I think about my trip back to my heart. I already knew Sara and Simba (or so I thought) the two lovely souls who are holding space for all who seek to develop their understanding of themselves and to heal on a deeper level. Who do you really know, really? Or do you really want to limit those you know by your knowing?

My trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, was planned with the intention to grow and no planning can allow growing, therefore the trip was very much characterized by a big “don’t know”. The trip provided with many moments which was experienced with discomfort which offered an opportunity for me to ask myself “who is experiencing this discomfort?”. Every time I discovered that it wasn’t me being uncomfortable I could let go of whatever emotions that arose. When asking such questions to oneself and reaching the conclusion that whatever stuff that’s not yours you let go of, you grow. You grow until the suit you’re wearing becomes so tight that you start to question who the tailor is. So you become the tailor yourself.

At this moment it’s crucial that your environment allows you to change, that the expectations of who you are from the people who think they know you aren’t too much of a burden. Sara and Simba didn’t. They were aware of the process and provided the space for the unfolding.

Now becoming your own tailor is quite exciting. Who am I? The question offered a too wide selection of suits. I could wear anyone of those suits. So instead I asked myself “Who am I not?” and the stuff started to fall off. I still don’t know who I am and maybe there’s not an answer to that question. Stuff is still falling off though. The lesser I am the lighter I get. “Heart work is hard work” was a saying I often came across being with Sara and Simba. Indeed it is a process of returning to the heart and although the trail can be narrow and emotionally challenging at times it’s worth it. Letting go of my emotions allowing feelings to pass by without me clinging on to them is a wonderful experience of just being in the flow of life.Thank you Sara and Simba for a life changing stay filled with love, compassion and forgiveness. Writing this I realize there’s a wish that our trails might cross again and again and again. Expectations and their attachments not allowing me to fully enjoy my gratitude, the beingness of life.

Ah, thank you sweet letting go into the vast don’t know.
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Detox & Spiritual Retreat – Sebastian’s Transformation